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Churchill Asset Management Pty. Ltd.

Churchill Asset Management Pty. Ltd. is a buy-side global equities fund manager that specialises in evaluating and investing in companies engaged in technological innovation: Innovation that is radically transforming the way we live and advancing human progress. While we invest globally, we are headquartered in Melbourne with additional offices in Sydney and Perth, Australia.

Churchill Tactical Innovation Fund

Our flagship fund - the Churchill Tactical Innovation Fund deploys a quantamental strategy that incorporates deep research into the fundamental qualities of a company while utilising ​quantitative strategies to defend capital against market risks. Within this fund we manage capital on behalf of investors to contribute to capital market efficiency and price discovery in the valuation of individual companies that are underpinned by systematic innovation - an area of global equity markets which tends to be structurally undervalued by traditional investors and one which exhibits excess volatility as a result of a divergence in views. We strive to leverage our deep understanding of technologies and the financial markets to deliver enhanced risk-adjusted returns to our investors for their contribution to improving capital market efficiency in the realm of innovation.

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