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Tech Research Analyst


As a fundamental tech investment analyst, you will have designated responsibility over conducting deep dive company valuations and research specifically into technologically innovative companies.

This role is currently accepting applications to join Churchill Asset Management (Melbourne Office) in one or more of the following capacities:

  • Experienced Analysts

  • Graduates

  • Interns

You will have the opportunity to evaluate investment opportunities underpinned by the latest technologies that are driving significant innovation in industries as diverse as, though not limited to 5G and IoT, 3D printing, sustainable energy systems, battery technologies, autonomous driving, fin-tech platforms, semiconductors, and cyber-security.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Your field of responsibility as an investment analyst encompasses full coverage of listed companies falling within designated innovative technological sectors which constitute your investment universe.

  • Deep active coverage of up to 10 listed equity securities, encompassing company research initiation, up-to-date discounted cash flow valuation models, competitive landscape analysis, and pre-emptive & timely catalyst research.

  • Full breadth of coverage across listed companies in your designated investment universe, including dynamic sourcing and classification of securities into custom thematics, daily material company updates including earnings, daily thematic market updates, and maintaining a heuristic pipeline of candidates for deep dive research.

  • Reviewing and analysing thematic trends, business, trade and research publications, annual reports, financial filings, and other sources to gather, synthesize and interpret data relevant to your coverage.

  • Building, maintaining and updating industry databases as well as detailed financial models for earnings forecasts and valuations.

  • Contribution to the investment process by way of research report writing, investment thesis presentations, engagement in Q&A, and sharing timely ad-hoc analyses.

  • Collaborating across thematic and portfolio strategy teams, as appropriate, for the cross-pollination of ideas in the generation of investment insights that improve the risk-adjusted performance of the fund.

Core Requirements

The only mandatory requirements are:

  • A clear, demonstrable passion for technological innovation and/or the financial markets;

  • An ability to efficiently form evidence-based conviction in your views without fear of deviating from consensus views;

  • An ability to clearly and concisely articulate material insights to an investment team that is highly diverse in domains of expertise

  • Aptitude to quickly scale the learning curve on domain specific knowledge and skill sets, listed below, of which you have yet to acquire

Advantageous Skill Sets

These are highly desirable knowledge and skill sets that would confer a competitive advantage in the role. Expectations with respect to specialised knowledge and skill varies depending on career stage, and therefore will materially differ between interns, graduates, and experienced analysts. As a guide, an experienced analyst would exhibit many the following traits:

Industry knowledge

Deep understanding of technologies in one or more thematics gained through personal, industry, and/or professional experience. In example this may be domain expertise in:

  • Sustainable energy systems such as solar energy, PV cells and inverters, energy supply and value chains, stationary energy storage, energy system economics

  • Battery technologies including lithium ion batteries, solid state batteries, cathode active materials, anode technologies and the battery material supply chain

  • Semiconductor technologies, supply/demand dynamics across fab equipment, foundries, data center, IoT, consumer, and geopolitical legislation

  • Additive manufacturing, Autonomous Driving, +many others

Investment acumen

  • High proficiency in constructing robust dynamic three-statement Discounted Cash Flow equity valuation models in Excel

  • Strong understanding of accounting fundamentals, and theory and implementation of absolute and relative valuation techniques

  • A personalised yet highly adaptable, investment research process characterised by an established industry specific information network and broader newsflow pipelines

  • Familiarity with Bloomberg Anywhere including optimising news feeds, launchpad customization, leveraging Desktop API fields to automate data retrieval via BDP, BDH, and BQL formulas

Churchill Asset Management

This is a rare and exciting opportunity to join a buy-side global equities fund manager that specialises in identifying, evaluating, and investing in listed companies engaged in technological innovation: Innovation that is radically transforming the way we live and advancing human progress.

Our global equities investment programmes provide you with the opportunity to become an integral part of our global equities research team with responsibilities in one of the following key areas:

  • Fundamental equities research coverage of stocks underpinned by technological or biotechnological innovation

  • Quantitative portfolio strategies via development econometric and AIML models to defend against market risk.

Tailored access to institutional resources will be provided, allowing you to develop your approach to analysing listed companies and/or tactical investment opportunities that fall within the scope of our investment philosophy.

  • In-house fully customized internal quantitative data and model pipelines with an unique array of traditional and alternative data

  • Bloomberg serves as our financial terminal for analysts

  • Access to prime broker equities research as a point of reference

  • Valuation modelling training for our fundamental graduates and interns

The learning curve for early career candidates will be steep, however, formulating a compelling investment thesis is key to driving investment decisions within our portfolio.


Applicants must log into their own Gmail account, or create one to ensure file security. Applications will be screened by position on a rolling basis. Submit your application today!

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